Rim Tape & Rim Strips

Rolls of rim tape

What Is Bike Rim Tape?

Rim tape is a cloth tape that runs around your bike rim to protect your inner tube from being punctured by your spokes and or spoke or drainage holes.

Rim Strips: Most entry level bikes and many older bikes come with rubber rim strips that stretch around your rim like a big rubber band. These rubber strips can tear or dry out and break, leaving you unprotected from below.

By replacing your rubber rim strips with either cloth rim tape or nylon rim strips you will be much better protected against punctures from your spokes and or spoke holes.

Properly installed rim tape on a wheel

A Few Things About Rim Tape

- It comes in multiple widths

- Make sure you have the right width

- Proper installation is very important

- Improperly installed tape can lead to more flats as well as            increased difficulty installing your tire on the rim

- Cloth rim tape generally sells for around $5

- If you're unsure on the right width or how to go about installation,     your local bike shop should be able to help you

Velox Rim Tape

Made in France, Velox is widely considered to be the best cloth tape you can buy.

It is available in multiple widths although their 16mm wide version is most widely used.